I love candy tubes. They’re one of those treat staples that you need to keep on hand in the closet. The possibilities of what to do with them is endless. You can fill them with whatever sweet surprise you want, add a gift tag and they make a wonderful favor. The bigger tubes are even the perfect width for one inch gumballs.

While thinking about some fun back to school treats for the kids, I created these fun DIY gumball rulers and free printable back to school tag. It’s really easy to make and I’m sure the kids will be excited about going back to school if gumballs are involved!

You Will Need:

8 yellow gumballs

1 candy tube

A set of small black sticker letters and numbers


A set of our printable “School Rules” gift tags

Red Baker’s Twine

1. Load your gumballs into the plastic candy tube.

2. Place each number on the candy tube a little above the bottom of each gumball. Using the “i”, “l” and other straight letters, add the marker lines next to the numbers. If you’re making multiple tubes, I also cut up the capital letters to make the lines. Or you could use a permanent marker.

3. Print out the set of our free printable “School Rules” gift tags. Use a three inch punch or cut out each gift tag. Punch a hole in the top of the tag. Tie onto the tube using red ribbon or baker’s twine.

Give this fun little gumball treat to little one on the first day of school or leave as a fun surprise at Back to School Night. It’s even a great way to practice counting!

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5 Comments on Back to School DIY Gumball Rulers

  1. Natalie, I love this idea! My daughter just started kindergaden and we are both having withdrawals from our mommy/daughter craft time but this was simple and fun an we made enough for each classmate to have their own.
    One question: where can we find solid yellow gumballs. We ended up getting multi0colored bags and sorting them. It was cute but I like the idea of all one color or themed colors.
    Thank you again!

  2. Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the craft. It’s hard to find small quantities of gumballs in single colors. I actually pulled out the yellow ones from an assortment for this project. Our shop, Katarina’s Paperie, is planning on carrying the single colored gumballs in our store soon. Until then, you can also buy them in bulk, which would probably help when making a set of tubes for an entire class, from Candy Machines.com. Kara’s Party Ideas Shop also sells them in tubes, but they have smiley faces on them. Not sure if that matters. Hope your daughter is enjoying kindergarten. It’s such an exciting year!

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