One trick that I learned during my years of teaching was what amazing deals the Dollar Store has. Although a lot of items are hit and miss, this American invention can be relied upon to get small treats for the kids, everyday necessities and even an occasional Elmo balloon for Little Bug.

When entertaining more often, I’ve discovered that the Dollar Store also carries an assortment of party supplies that help you stay within budget. One of my favorite finds is generic glassware – particularly votive candleholders.  An evening celebration wouldn’t be complete without candlelight – adding a sweet touch to any color or theme.   By picking up a bunch of these simple candleholders for such a reasonable price, you can personalize them for your particular event or theme any way you want without having to worry about how much it cost you.

After discovering an abundance of candleholders at our local Dollar Store, I just couldn’t resist sprucing a set up for our patriotic tablescape. By adding simple cut out tissue paper stars, I created a DIY patriotic stars candleholder that is sure to make any celebration sparkle.

You Will Need:

Basic Star Template
Red and blue tissue paper
Mod Podge or other decoupage glue
Foam paint brush
Clear glass votive holders
Votive candles


1. Download and print our basic star template. Cut out different sized stars to use as a pattern.


2. Trace around each star on the red or blue tissue paper. The number of stars that you’ll need will vary based on the size of your candleholder.


Aim for a mix of red and blue stars as well as different sizes so you have lots to choose from.


3. Carefully apply decoupage glue to the back of a star.


Paste the star onto the outside of the candleholder.

4. Continue pasting the stars on the candleholder. Create a design that you like.


5. Once the stars have dried, seal the entire candleholder with decoupage glue. Let dry.

6. Add sand or small stones in the bottom. Place a votive candle inside.


What a pretty way to add a patriotic touch and some ambient lighting to your upcoming Fourth of July celebration. I can’t wait to use ours at our upcoming Fourth of July barbeque.

Happy Celebrating,