Mr. Mountaineer and I recently celebrated our fifth anniversary. I can’t believe that it’s been five years since we tied the knot. So much has happened in our lives and it’s been wonderful to share the great adventure of life with him.

To celebrate we decided that we wouldn’t exchange cards and the presents had to be handmade. This provided a fun challenge that made the gift giving even more special and thoughtful.

For my gift, I wanted to somehow commemorate the journey we have taken together during the last five years. Mr. Mountaineer has been enjoying the chalkboard art craze that has hit the design world in recent years. I decided to design an anniversary art print that showcased some of the best parts of our marriage.


I highlighted the number of days and minutes we’ve shared; our two adorable kids; the cups of coffee (which have lead to some wonderful discussions); even our beloved Subaru got a mention. It was so much fun creating this beautiful art print for him.

There were lots of other moments I could have highlighted too. I thought about my favorite date night, movie, place we’ve traveled, family activity, song or even joke. It was hard to choose just these select few.


I’m so excited to announce that we will be carrying a digital version of this anniversary chalkboard print in our shop. It can be customized with your special moments. It’s perfect for any important anniversary milestone. I will be working one for my in-laws 50th anniversary next.

In case you’re wondering, Mr. Mountaineer’s gift to me was just as thoughtful if not more. He placed all of the corks from five years of wine bottles in a beautiful glass jar. Each cork had a note about where we drank it. I can’t wait to look at all of the, and walk down memory lane.

Happy Celebrating,