Fall is here (even though we’ve been experiencing a last hurrah of summer this past weekend) and it’s time to start adding some special touches to fall parties. If you are expecting an autumn baby, a little pumpkin baby shower might be just the party to celebrate. I’m imagining mini pumpkin favors, sweet caramel apple hand pies and colorful leaf garlands hung across the dessert table.

One sweet way to remember the friends and family who made the day special is to have guests sign a baby shower guest book. For this pumpkin themed baby shower, create a chalkboard pumpkin guest book for everyone to sign and write messages on. It’s such a wonderful decoration and sweet keepsake for the mommy-to-be to remember her special day.

You Will Need:

A pumpkin
Chalkboard spray paint
Chalkboard marker or chalk (I find the chalkboard markers are more permanent, though)
Painter’s tape
White Alphabet Stickers
Decorative Harvest Ribbon or raffia


1. Tape off around the stem of the pumpkin with the painter’s tape.


2. In a well ventilated area, spray paint the pumpkin with chalkboard paint. Let dry overnight.


3. Add white letter stickers to spell out Baby Shower, the Mommy-to-Be’s name and the date. Tie some ribbon or raffia around the top of the pumpkin.

4. Set out in the welcome area of the baby shower.


Leave out some chalkboard markers for guests to write a little message and sign their names.

After the baby shower, send the signed pumpkin home with the mommy-to-be. It’s such a sweet way for her to remember who shared her special day with her. What a wonderful fall decoration too!

Happy Celebrating,