I’ve always loved airplanes and have been especially inspired by vintage biplanes. It’s fun to sometimes take the kids down to the park and watch the airplanes take off at Reagan National Airport.  Although these are huge jets, I love to see the wonderment in their eyes at something so large floating through the sky.  It’s simply beautiful.



Photo from Katarina’s Paperie – Vintage Airplane Invitation

So I was really excited when we recently added this new vintage airplane invitation to the shop.  I loved illustrating the airplane and found the shape of the propellers quite inspiring.  Of course, with my sweet tooth, they reminded me of Nutter Butter cookies.  And what goes better with peanut butter than chocolate, which brings us to today’s sweet treat – chocolate covered propeller Nutter Butter cookies.

These easy to make edible propellers are the perfect airplane dessert for any vintage airplane inspired party. They’d also be a perfect after school snack for your little aviator. What’s not to love about peanut butter and chocolate?

You Will Need:

Nutter Butter sandwich cookies
Chocolate candy melts
M &Ms
Wax Paper

1. Melt your chocolate melts in 10 – 15 second intervals in the microwave. Mix until melted and add a few drops of vegetable oil to smooth the chocolate.


2. Dip the Nutter Butter cookie into the chocolate.


Use a spoon to smooth the chocolate on both sides. Place on a piece of wax paper to harden.

3. Add a red or blue M & M to the center of the propeller. Place the cookies in the freezer to harden for ten minutes.


4. Once hardened, remove the cookies from the paper. Serve at your airplane themed party, play date or for a sweet after school snack.

Little Bug enjoyed eating this treat, especially the chocolate part.  She has a love of M&Ms right now.  And, come to think of it, plane was one of her first words, so this special treat was a fitting for her.

Happy Celebrating,