Almost two years ago now I shared this free printable back to school quote bubble.  I remember taking the pictures of Little Bug holding it and thinking how big my little girl had gotten.  Preschool seemed like such a big step back then.  Where does the time go?  Now my Little Bug thinks that PRESCHOOL ROCKED and is ready for graduation.  Yes, just like that.  And, although I know she had a wonderful time, I am going to miss her dearly when she starts a longer school day next year.  I don’t think we got nearly all of the things done that I wanted to together…  but, hopefully, we touched on some of the important things.

Free printable Preschool Rocked Quote Bubble

So, for anyone else who is congratulating their preschooler on a job well done this school year, I created a follow-up to my original free printable quote bubble sign.  This new free printable preschool rocked quote bubble says “Preschool Rocked” because, well, it did.  They were some of my favorite years so far being a mommy.  I especially loved watching my little one grow into a confident little lady.

Free printable Preschool Rocked Quote Bubble

You can download your free printable preschool rocked quote bubble here.  I recommend printing on medium to heavy white cardstock (a black and white printer is fine for this design) and cut out.  Glue onto a paper straw, popsicle stick or just have your child hold up for their photo shoot.

Free printable Preschool Rocked quote bubble

And if you happen to need a matching Preschool Rocked t-shirt, check out this one I just added to our shop on Zazzle.  It’s a great way to let everyone know how much your child loved preschool and would make a fun outfit to wear for your preschool graduation picture or end of year party.  (You can also find a Kindergarten Rocked t-shirt for any graduating kindergarteners!)

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