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Free Printable You Rock Dad Coloring Page

As a few of you may know, I am married to a rock climber.  Well, sort of, his days belaying down cliffs have passed for now, but he still goes to the local rock climbing gym whenever possible and writes a successful blog about climbing.  Mr. Mountaineer’s love of rocks and the outdoors inspired this week’s free printable You Rock Dad coloring page.  I wanted to create an simple art piece that the kids could color themselves and would easily transform into the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Free printable You Rock Dad from Katarina's Paperie

Now for the Father’s Day gift part.  You could just give dad the colored You Rock Dad coloring page.  Slip it into an envelope (it measures 5″ x 7″) and hand it to him on Father’s Day.  Don’t forget to date the back to create a lasting memory.  As much as I try to locate a home for these art pieces, I find they usually end up in a drawer somewhere underneath everything else we find important at the time (permission slips, receipts, newsletters, etc.)

Free printable You Rock Dad and diy rock frame by Katarina's Paperie

So, instead I made this DIY rock frame to house the kids’ beautiful You Rock Dad print.  It’s an easy do it yourself project to make using polished ulti-toned river rocks, a glue gun and frame.  Since parts of the frame will show through even with the rocks, I recommend using a darker colored frame so the background is more outdoorsy.  Simply glue the rocks onto the edge of the frame with the glue gun.  Let the frame dry and pop in the beautiful You Rock Dad coloring page.  Gift done.  That was easy wasn’t it?  The only tricky part can be fitting the rocks around the frame perfectly.  So, I recommend laying a side out first before gluing them down.

Free printable You Rock Dad coloring page by Katarina's Paperie

As wonderfully simple as this project was, if you are looking for some other Father’s Day ideas, be sure to check out our Father’s Day Coupon Card or free printable tie shaped Father’s Day gift tags.  And if you’re looking for a fun craft to house that home improvement store gift card you plan on getting dad, our Father’s Day gift card box might be the perfect project to do with the kids.

Free printable You Rock Dad coloring page by Katarina's Paperie

You can download our free printable You Rock Dad coloring page here.  We hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day.  Hooray for Dads!

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