Free printable summer bubble wrapper

Pop!  Summer has arrived and we are bursting to get started with our vacation fun.  The school year felt long this year with Little Bug being in school five days a week.  So, we are ready for a few months of sleeping in, lazy days drinking lemonade and relaxing evenings cooking out.

Free printable summer bubble wrappers

One of our favorite activities to do in the longer evening daylight is chasing bubbles in the backyard.  Ever since Little Bug mastered bubble blowing last summer, it has been all about the bubbles around here.  We even got our bubble machine rolling this year.  I was so excited to discover that it’s portable.  Nothing like bringing your own bubbles to the playground!

Free printable summer bubble wrappers

To celebrate the end of the school year, I created these free printable summer bubble wrappers to adorn your bubble bottles.  The label says “Hope your summer POPS!”.  It’s a nice way to wish your child’s friends a wonderful summer vacation.  And who doesn’t like bubbles?

Free printable summer bubble wrappers

To make your bubble wrappers, print out the design on a full sheet of regular label paper.  Cut out each label individually.  Remove the wrapper on your bubble bottle and attach the new bubble label.  My quick tip for finding really cheap bubble bottles is to check your local dollar store.  I snagged mine for 3 for a dollar making it a wonderfully priced gift.  Check out our bubble wrapper tutorial for more detailed instructions on making your bubble wraps.

Free printable summer bubble wrappers

These free printable summer bubble wrappers are also perfect for end of the year class parties, summer party favors or gifts for your neighbors.  If you are planning a Fourth of July celebration, be sure to check out our Fourth of July bubble wrappers complete with bursting patriotic fireworks.

You can download your free printable summer bubble wrappers here.

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