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For Moms who Love to Celebrate


Around here at Katarina’s Paperie, there is one thing that we love to do the most – celebrate.  It’s the entire reason why I created the studio and shop four years ago (Did I just write the number FOUR?).  I dreamed of building a place that focused on helping you celebrate with your kids.

Throughout the years, I have met some pretty amazing Superstar Moms.  Whether your focus is creating DIY party decorations, selecting hand crafted invitations or adding little touches to make your celebrations special, you are all stars in my world.  You love your kids and enjoy celebrating with them every day.  I’m just glad you’ve given me a chance to help along the way.

In honor of all of our Superstar Moms, I have created our new Superstar Moms Club.  And it’s FREE to join.  It’s the perfect club for moms who love to DIY, celebrate with their kids or just love being a mom.

As a new member of the Superstar Moms Club you will receive 10% off your first order from our shop, Katarina’s Paperie (can be used in our Etsy shop), free printable DIY Superstar Mom t-shirt transfer (check out more about making your own t-shirt below), info about things happening in our studio, email newsletter filled with exclusive free printables and party ideas and coupon codes that are sent just to our Superstar Moms.  And if that isn’t enough, I will also send you a free copy of our first ever party crafting e-book – Party Circles Everywhere.

Ready to join?  You can sign up for our Superstar Moms Club here.

Now about the t-shirt.  Have you ever created your own t-shirt using an iron-on transfer before?  You can print the transfer using any ink jet printer.  (Unfortunately, laser printers do not work with iron-on transfer sheets because the material can melt and get stuck in the printer.  Don’t have an ink jet printer?  Check out this HP DeskJet 1112 Compact Photo Printer that I recently purchased for transfer sheet printing or Party Supplies Design prints iron on transfers for a nominal fee.)

You can use your Superstar Mom t-shirt transfer to create your own t-shirt, bag or even a pillow.  If you don’t think your DIY skilled enough to make your own t-shirt (although, I’m hoping my tutorial below will prove you wrong) or you don’t own an iron, you can also purchase a printed t-shirt from our shop on Zazzle.

To make your own t-shirt, you will need:

Superstar Mom t-shirt transfer (Join the club here and the t-shirt transfer is sent in minutes)

Ink Jet Printer (just purchased this HP DeskJet 1112 Compact Photo Printer – love its compact size since our studio is running out of space)

Iron-On Transfer Paper – (For white t-shirts use the T-shirt Transfers for White or Light Colored Fabric or for dark t-shirts use Iron-On Dark T-Shirt Transfers)

A blank white or black t-shirt


Cut out iron on transfer

1. Download the Superstar Mom t-shirt transfer.  Print the t-shirt transfer on the iron-on transfer paper.  Cut carefully around the design to remove excess paper.

Ironing on Transfer

2.  Place the t-shirt transfer design face down in the center of the t-shirt.  Gently iron on the transfer onto the t-shirt.

Removing transfer paper

Remove the backing from the transfer.  (Depending on your iron-on transfer paper, this might be done when the design is warm or when it is cool.  Be sure to read over your specific iron-on transfer paper instructions before starting the project.)

Superstar Mom t-shirt

Now you can wear your t-shirt all around town or, if you made a bag, show it off!  You are a Superstar Mom and everyone needs to know it!

Still not sure you are up to making your own t-shirt, bag, pillow or other fun accessory?  Check out our Superstar Mom t-shirts in our Zazzle shop to order a printed version of this design.

Happy Celebrating,


P.S.  Not sure where to go join the Superstar Moms Club?  You can find easy sign up here.  Thanks again for visiting.  You really are a superstar!


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