How to Start a Blog for Creative Mamas

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Was there ever a time before blogging?  A time before we had the opportunity to share our creative ideas with others online.  I’m sure there was, but it’s getting even harder to remember it.  I’m excited about this new blogging series about how to start a blog since I can share with you something that I truly love to do.

I do like to sometimes think back to the days before having kids when I seemed to have all the time in the world for creative thoughts.  There once was a period when when my friend and I called ourselves Renaissance women.  We would have so many different creative outlets, that we could keep ourselves occupied to our hearts content for months.  There was a bliss to the simplicity of it all.

Although now days are spent being mom and running the shop, I still find a daily need to create. In order to share my creative projects, I have maintained a blog for Katarina’s Paperie.  It has been the perfect way to share craft projects, children’s parties and recipes for my readers to enjoy.

So if you’re a creative mama who loves to craft, host parties and celebrate, but doesn’t have a blog yet, then be sure to read on to discover the simple steps to starting a blog.  Blogging is such a fun way to share all of the creative projects that you are working on.  If you’re going to put all of that effort into crafting and hosting, why not share it as inspiration to others.  I have created an easy step by step guide about how to start a blog for creative mamas.

The best part about blogging is that it is so easy to get started.  When I started studying design many years ago, I started my first blog called Design Strolls.  It was a chance to share the adventures that I had while exploring the world of graphic design for the first time.  I wrote diary entry posts and focused on things that I found while Little Bug and I walked around town.

Although many of these first posts were things that I now share only on social media, these beginning days of blogging gave me a fun outlet to share my discoveries and make connections with others.  I loved all of the friends that I made in those first days and know that I would never had made the leap to starting my own stationary shop if it hadn’t been from the encouragement I found from other blogging friends.

Luckily starting your own creative mamas blog is easy.  It will provide you with a great way to share all of your creative ideas, meet new people in the blogging sphere and even grow more as a mom.  Here are four simple steps to follow to start your own blog.

1. Choosing a Domain Name

This step is probably the most important because your domain name will create your identity.  Katarina’s Paperie was named after my daughter since it was her arrival that inspired the shop.  It meant a lot to me to name the shop after her.

When choosing a blog name, think about the topics that you want to write about, what’s important to you and influences in your life.  Try to choose domain names that are easy to spell (still dealing with that one) and even include a key word or two related to your niche.

Check out Go Daddy to see if your domain name is available.  My recommendation is not to purchase a variation (a name with different tag).  Stick to names that have a .com available.  It will make your blog easier to find by your audience.

2.  Setting up Hosting

When starting a blog, I recommend selecting independent hosting.  Mr. Mountaineer started his blog as a hobby blog (The Suburban Mountaineer) and it has grown a lot over the years.  Now that we are looking for ways to have continued growth, it is harder since he chose a hosting for free.  It might look as a good money saver at the time, but moving an established blog with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of posts later can be very difficult.

Instead, select a hosting service that is reliable and reasonably priced at the same time.  I started Design Strolls, Confetti Diaries and the first version of Katarina’s Paperie on Blue Host.  They were fantastic and really reliable.  Plus you can’t beat the price – about 12 cents a day.  Once you start growing and getting a thousand or more hits a day, then you can look into a more complex hosting solution.

You can sign up for Blue Host here.  Their current deal can’t be beat… FREE Domain, FREE site builders, WordPress Install all for $3.45/month.  You wouldn’t even need to purchase your domain separately.  Amazing.

3.  Selecting a Wordpress Theme

One of the best parts about Blue Host hosting is that they will get you started on Word Press.  They have a one click install that will load Word Press onto your computer and link your domain name to the platform.

Once you have installed Word Press, it’s time to pick a theme.  Although there are thousands of Word Press themes to choose from, my two favorite sites for Word Press themes are Theme Forest and Blu Chic.  The theme for Katarina’s Paperie was purchased from Blu Chic.  These theme are clean and pretty – designed specifically for feminine bloggers.  They can be customized by a web designer or used as is (depending on what you would like).  The themes change up often, so be sure to check back for different choices over time.

Theme Forest is also a great place to search for Word Press themes because the prices are low and the options are high.  You have lots of choices to fit any kind of blog, so you are sure to find one you like.

If you are interested in eventually starting an e-commerce store through your blog, definitely consider purchasing a Word Press theme with an e-commerce platform.  Although you can integrate this feature later on, it might help to have a version that let’s you turn on or off the e-commerce setting depending on needs.

Once you select your theme, you can install it on your WordPress account and get started blogging.  I recommend if you’re just starting out to keep it simple.  Select a theme with colors and features that you like (at least enough).  You can always change themes or personalize a current theme after you establish your blog, but the most important thing is getting started.

How to start a blog for creative mamas

4.  Create, Create, Create, Share

Now that your blog is up and running, it is time to create content.  This is where the fun really begins.  To begin building content, I recommend choosing a project or party that you completed in the last year.  You can work on cleaning up the photos (PicMonkey and Canva are great tools for this) and writing about the project.

After you have written about your first project, click post and share it with the world.  Before you know it, you will be building an audience and others will be flocking to check out what you have created.

Are you excited and ready to jump in?  One of my favorite resources for starting a blog is Abby Lawson’s book Building a Framework.  It breaks down all of the steps for creating a blog into even more details and includes lots of information about social media accounts, creating content and even making money along the way.  You can purchase your copy here.

Next month, I will continue this series and share my beginner tips for social media.  I wanted to make sure I gave you time to get started on setting up your blog and writing content.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Happy Celebrating,


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