10 Thanksgiving Party Games for Kids


    As much fun as Thanksgiving is, it can also require a lot of patience for kids.  The turkey can take FOREVER to cook (or so Little Bug tells me every year) and Santa Claus can never arrive soon enough at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  Finding ways to keep the […]

Mini Cinnamon Applesauce Cups


  Do you want to know a secret?  These mini cinnamon applesauce cups will make your kitchen smell like Thanksgiving.  And if you make them before Thanksgiving, the scent will linger until the big feast day.     I’m not sure if the latter is true, but they do taste and smell amazing.  I originally […]

10 Cute Christmas Party Treats


  One of my favorite parts about the holidays is all of the adorable treats that you can make.  From reindeer flying to Frosty’s hats, it’s going to be pretty hard to choose which of these cute Christmas party treats to include on the menu this year.  I even slipped in a few more sophisticated ideas in […]

How to Make a Thanksgiving Grateful Tree


  Ever since I started hosting Thanksgiving dinner many years ago, I have included a Thanksgiving grateful tree as our centerpiece.  I usually send Mr. Mountaineer out (now a days there’s at least one little one following in his footsteps) to scavenge for some branches and I create circles (or turkeys… or even blank slips […]

Fall Acorn Cupcakes

Fall Acorn Cupcakes

Now that Halloween has passed, believe it or not Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away!  We love Thanksgiving around here – family and triends visiting, desserts to bake and fun craft projects with the kids.  Luckily, not all Thanksgiving desserts have to be hard to make.  These fall acorn cupcakes were inspired by those adorable acorn […]

10 Must-Make Candy Corn Treats

10 Creative Candy Corn Treats2

So there is a very important holiday that is happening this week.  And no, it’s not Halloween (although that one is pretty important too!).  Tomorrow is National Candy Corn Day.  It’s our nation’s chance to pay homage to this delicious sugary filled treat.  I love candy corn.  They’re bite sized morsels of goodness that, if […]

Easy Pumpkin Decorating Idea – Spider Pumpkins


    I love white pumpkins – their clean lines, modern look and all white canvas that leads to infinite decorating possibilities.  This year I’ve found myself putting them all over the studio.  It’s like I just can’t get enough of them!     With so many white pumpkins hanging around, I needed to come up […]

Pumpkin Patch Candy Bark


Candy bark is such a fun treat, especially during the fall season.  Something about sweet candies and rich chocolate mixed that works well.  I’ll be the first to admit that one of my favorite activities in the fall is to sneak small pieces of the candy to have with my coffee on chilly afternoons. We have created our own version of […]

Halloween Favor Clips


This post contains affiliate links which help support Katarina’s Paperie. As always, we only recommend things that we truly love. Full disclosure here. We love cute packaging around here.  I can definitely say it’s on my list of favorite things.  So although we designed a new line of Halloween favor tags for the shop this season, I […]

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