Strawberry and Blueberry Cream Cheese Tarts


My favorite part of summer celebrations are berry desserts.  Whether it’s berry themed fruit kabobs, delicious parfaits or even pie pops, any dessert that uses strawberries, blueberries or raspberries calls my name at a summer party.  The nice party about berry desserts is that they are perfect for any summer get together – small porch […]

Free Printable: Nature Journal Party Favor


I find that the summer season brings out the nature enthusiasts of our entire family.  Days are spent meandering by the creek, collecting rocks, inspecting bugs, chasing butterflies and most importantly – getting dirty… exactly how summer should be.  To celebrate the joys of the outdoors, I designed a free printable nature journal party favor.  It’s the perfect […]

Free Printable 4th of July Bubble Wrapper


We’re so excited to be getting ready for one of our favorite holidays around here – Fourth of July – with a free printable 4th of July Bubble Wrapper.  Celebrating our nation’s birthday comes to a close second to celebrating my children’s birthdays!  There’s something about the warm summer weather mixed with red, white and blue everything that makes this […]

Watermelon Cake Pops


Summer is here!  I feel like we just got through a batch of cloudy cool weather and now the bright sunshiny days are here to stay.  Little Bug has been begging me for weeks to make her a batch of cake pops to celebrate the new season.  I couldn’t think of a better theme for them […]

Free Printable: Halloween Countdown Calendar


Ever since we celebrated Little Bug’s birthday at the end of August, I’ve heard a familiar chant each day… “Halloween is next!”.  Although we’ve enjoyed Halloween the last couple of years, this seems to be the first year that she’s really into it.  In recent weeks, we’ve been talking about how to decorate the house, […]

Party Craft – Paper Baseball Party Bunting


Baseball.  It’s all the talk around here these days.  Although I know many of you are enjoying football season right now, our house has been consumed by America’s favorite pastime.  And it’s all because the Orioles were crowned American League East Championship last week.  Having been a fan for many years and sitting through a […]

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