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Creative and Free Printable Kids Valentine’s Day Cards


When they announced on the radio earlier this week that Valentine’s Day was less than a month away, I almost did a double take.  How was it possible that the beginning of January had flown by so quickly?  I still have to plan Mr. Mountaineer and Little Bug’s Valentine’s Day surprises, as well as come […]

Free Printable Happy Holidays Labels


Coffee is one of my favorite gifts around the holiday.  With the cold winter weather, I love to curl up with a cup of my favorite brew and a good design book.  I could sit like that in front of a fireplace for hours if Little Bug would let me! Traditionally, when I create coffee […]

Free Printable Christmas Tree Gift Tags


One of my favorite parts of the holidays is wrapping presents.  I love taking the special gifts that I found for each person and packaging them up in a beautiful way.  After covering in gift wrap, tying with ribbon and topping with a bow, I love add the finishing touch – a gift tag. There […]

Free Printable Retro Christmas Candy Circles


  I’m always impressed by the arrival of shelf upon shelf of holiday candy this time of year.  I’ve come to expect a surge in candy around Halloween, but the popularity of sweet treats during the holiday season always takes me by surprise.  I remember when I worked as seasonal help in our local chocolate shop during December.  Customers […]

Free Printable Thanksgiving Leftovers Tags


Every year Mr. Mountaineer reminds me that we need to make even more food for Thanksgiving to guarantee his favorite thing – leftovers.  He could eat the Thanksgiving feast for at least a week afterwards!  Between the extra slices of cheesecake, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, ham, etc, he’s pretty set for dinner for awhile, which […]

Free Printable Days of the Week Magnet Clips


When I was a teacher, there were so many things that I wished I could get done at the beginning of the year. You always had time for the really important things – getting to know your students, organizing reading groups and unpacking necessary supplies.  But there was always the desire to do more of the “fun” […]

Free Printable Super Teacher Pencil Flags


When I was teaching, I always loved the little gifts at the beginning of the school year that students gave.  After spending a long week setting up the classroom, attending meetings and getting to know my class (at least on paper), it was wonderful to get into school the first day and be greeted with a […]

Back to School DIY Gumball Rulers


I love candy tubes. They’re one of those treat staples that you need to keep on hand in the closet. The possibilities of what to do with them is endless. You can fill them with whatever sweet surprise you want, add a gift tag and they make a wonderful favor. The bigger tubes are even […]

Free Printable Candy Bar Wrapper Templates


After designing many new party collections for Katarina’s Paperie during the last few months, my favorite item to create is the chocolate bar wrapper. Maybe its because I’m a chocolate fiend, but more likely I just like making simple dessert items look extra special on the dessert table. And chocolate bars make a such a […]

Free Printable Easter Candy Circles


Believe it or not, Easter is almost here! I love this time of year filled with bunnies, chicks, and copious amounts of chocolate. It’s as if the holiday was designed for my sweet tooth. My new strategy for decorating with Little Bug around is focusing on small areas, including our front hallway. I like to […]

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