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10 easy to make party crafts using ONLY party circles


You probably have seen those little 2 inch party circles. Although traditionally used to make cupcake toppers, there are many things you can do with this wonderful party design. It’s the one and only thing you need to take your
celebration from ordinary to fabulous! From mini paper buntings, dressed up favor boxes and coordinated napkin rings, this one little element can be used in so many different and amazing ways.

In this party crafting book, you will find:

  • Easy to follow DIY projects
  • Detailed photos of each finished party craft
  • Our favorite party crafting resources
  • Over 20 pages of party inspiration to make your next event fabulous

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So, although you will still need to craft other pieces to make your celebrations truly shine, the party circle design is how to get started in the right direction. With a few craft supplies, some DIY love and a lot of imagination, party circles can help you take your events from ordinary to extraordinary. And, if party circle crafts are all that you have time for, it will carry your celebration successfully to the end. I promise.