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Pumpkin Cupcakes


Halloween finally arrived at our house this weekend.  The decorations are set and we took Little Bug to her first Halloween party.  It was held with our new moms group and I decided to make pumpkin cupcakes to help celebrate the fun. Starting with the orange cupcake liners from our Halloween cupcake liner mix, what […]

Caramel Apple Hand Pies


There’s something about flaky pieces of pie crust breaking in your hands that makes me happy that it’s fall.  Although I love large apple pies sliced at the dinner table, warm mini versions that can be cusped in your palm I find even more fun.  The best part is that they’re portable.  You can bring them […]

A Baker’s Paradise: King Arthur Flour Company


I have loved baking ever since I was a little girl. Mixing cookie batter on a Sunday afternoon with my aunt is one of my most blissful childhood memories. While other kids played video games or read books, I rolled sugar cookies or baked a cake. Over my many years of baking, I’ve used a […]

Rice Krispie Cereal Apples


It is officially the first week back at school in Virginia. For the last few days, it’s seemed like everything has come back to life. There are more kids around, the playgrounds are filled again and my teacher friends have returned to town. I guess it’s time to let the learning begin. I always find […]

Olympic Rings Mini Chocolate Bundt Cakes Treat


The Olympics are here! It looks like they are having quite a party in London right now. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Mr. Mountaineer and I attempted to have our own Olympic fun this weekend. We caught some beach volleyball, played with the ball with Little Bug and enjoyed some Olympic […]

The Easiest Whipped Frosting in the World

Whipped Frosted Cake

Although I wish I had time to always whip up frosting from scratch, there are days when you just need a cake.  Where the frosting comes from becomes secondary. Putting together the photography for Katarina’s Paperie has created many of those days.  One of the many truths about starting a party boutique is that you always need […]

Blueberry Cobbler Dessert


Half of the fun of going berry picking is thinking about what to make with all of the fruit.  There were lots of wonderful suggestions from friends including Greek blueberry pancakes and blueberry sauce for ice cream.  I wanted to make mini blueberry tarts with graham cracker crust.  But in the end, Mr. Mountaineer’s request for blueberry […]

A Key Lime Pie Kind of Weekend


With temperatures soaring over one hundred degrees last week, it seemed time to make the most refreshing heat busting dessert that I know – key lime pie. Having grown up a northerner, I only learned how to make one version of key lime pie as a child – the one on the back of the key lime […]

Strawberry and Donut Kabobs


Of all of the breakfast goodies in the world, Mr. Mountaineer’s favorites are donuts.  He always tells such loving stories about going to work with his dad on warm summer mornings as a kid.  They would always stop and pick up this tasty treat to eat at the job site or in the car.  At least […]

Day Stroll: Amy Atlas Book Tour in Annapolis


If you haven’t already figured out, I really enjoy the work of party stylist Amy Atlas.  From her inspirational blog to her new book, she is full of fun and creative ideas to use at any party.  When she announced a few weeks ago that she would be going on her book tour, I had to […]

5 Essential Tips for Making Amazing Cake Pops

sprinkle cake pops

Okay, I won’t deny it, I love cake pops.  The perfect combination of cake, frosting, and chocolate coating makes them an addictive little treat and irresistable dessert at parties. So when I had the opportunity to attend a cake pops baking class on Mother’s Day, I signed up immediately.  I was determined to finally learn […]

Twinkie Graduation Diplomas


Ever since I started following party blogs, I’ve started to look at snacks differently.  What used to be just a roll of black licorice, I now see as a checker piece.  Or a bowl of blue jello suddenly becomes a shark tank. (More on that later.)  It has become almost a game to imagine how to transform these […]

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