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Washi Tape Pencils and Free Printable Apple Gift Tags


It’s always fun to say thank you to teachers before the school year has begun. It let’s them feel appreciated from the beginning. I overheard a conversation the other day where the father was trying to find the teacher appreciation gift section of the big box store. His wife was quite skeptical that such a […]

Free Printable Days of the Week Magnet Clips


When I was a teacher, there were so many things that I wished I could get done at the beginning of the year. You always had time for the really important things – getting to know your students, organizing reading groups and unpacking necessary supplies.  But there was always the desire to do more of the “fun” […]

Free Printable Super Teacher Pencil Flags


When I was teaching, I always loved the little gifts at the beginning of the school year that students gave.  After spending a long week setting up the classroom, attending meetings and getting to know my class (at least on paper), it was wonderful to get into school the first day and be greeted with a […]