Birthday Bunting

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One of our favorite party decorations at the studio is the birthday bunting. We love creating beautiful buntings starting with a for you to use at your celebration. With a little bit of DIY love, you can craft your own gorgeous bunting that will match your special occasion and leave your guests in awe. And once your celebration is over, the birthday bunting is the perfect addition to your child’s room or play space. What a sweet memory of your milestone event.

When assembling your bunting, you have two choices. The first is that you can glue the bunting pieces onto ribbon and let dry. Choose ribbon that is about 1/2 inch to 1 inch wide.

The second option is to hole punch and string together your bunting. We find that this allows for a better hanging bunting, but the choice is up to you. Here are instructions on how to make your bunting and stringing it together.

You Will Need:

Birthday Bunting Design (our designs usually have 7 to 8 pages for printing)
Adobe Acrobat Reader (you can download your free copy here)
Medium to Heavy White Cardstock (We recommend Neenah Exact Index white cardstock for beautiful results)
1/8 Inch Circle Hand Punch
Scissors or Paper Trimmer
Matching Baker’s Twine
Clear Tape


1. Print out your birthday bunting design on medium to heavy white cardstock. Cut out the pieces of your design.


2. Turn over the first piece of your design. Mark a small hole 1/2″ down and 1 inch over on the left side. Repeat marking a similar hole on the right side.


Check with a ruler to make sure your holes match up straight across.


3. Punch the holes that you marked. Make hole marks in the rest of the bunting panels.


Use a ruler or the first bunting piece as your guide. Punch hole marks in all of your bunting panels.


4. Measure about 20 feet of baker’s twine. Leave 3 to 4 inches at the end for hanging. String on the first panel. Add some tape to the back to secure the panel. Continue stringing the panels until the entire “Happy Birthday” is strung.

Hang your birthday bunting across a dessert table, window, backdrop or mantel. If you decide to use a birthday bunting with your child’s name, we recommend making your bunting two rows due to length. You would need to have “Happy Birthday” on the top and your child’s name on the bottom. For more ideas on stringing together your bunting, you can check out more ideas here.

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