Month: January 2013


How Do I Love Thee? Valentine’s Day Paper Chain Countdown

Countdowns are a great way to look forward to different events in life.  We count down to birthdays, the births of babies and Christmas.  Since Little Bug loved her advent calendar this year, I wanted to create a special way to countdown to Valentine’s Day. Inspired by the romantic sonnet, “How do I Love Thee? […] Read more…


Introducing… Straw Flag Drink Markers

Have you ever lost your drink at a party?  It happens to me all the time.  I get side tracked talking to a friend or setting something delicious up and suddenly I can’t find my glass.  It is now mixed in with every other glass that guests have put down and abandoned during conversation.  I’ve found trying to […] Read more…


Creative and Free Printable Kids Valentine’s Day Cards

When they announced on the radio earlier this week that Valentine’s Day was less than a month away, I almost did a double take.  How was it possible that the beginning of January had flown by so quickly?  I still have to plan Mr. Mountaineer and Little Bug’s Valentine’s Day surprises, as well as come […] Read more…