Ahh… so the moving week is upon us.  I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I’m ready.  Is anyone really ready to move?  What I am ready for is feeling like all of my treasures are in one place again and that things aren’t in boxes.  It will be sad to leave this home full of firsts – but definitely ready to embark on our new journey, even if it’s only an exit or two down on the highway!


To prepare for the move, I created two sets of free printable moving labels for the boxes we’re packing.  The first set of moving labels includes labels for living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, family room and play room.  The second set of moving labels includes labels for bathroom, basement, storage, office, library/study and garage.  Just download your own set and print as many as you need on full label sheets.  Then cut them out and you’ll be ready for your next big departure.


They would even make great labels if you are putting some items in storage for awhile.  Clear labeling is such a great step to settling into a happy and joyful home faster!

We hope you enjoy!

Happy Celebrating,


Download your moving labels here:

first set of moving labels

second set of moving labels

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  1. Thanks! We aren’t moving but we are packing everything up to be moved for new floors. This will make life so much easier. Good luck with the move and enjoy your new home.

  2. Good luck! Shifting things can be stressful no matter what. Hope these help you stay organized. It’ll make getting back “regular” life a little quicker!

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