Month: May 2013


Free Printable CONGRATS Graduation Favor Tags and Bunting

As the college graduation pictures from family and friends started flooding onto Facebook these last couple of weeks, it’s been amazing to me to think that another school year is almost over for so many kids.  And as I see the proud smiles on everyone’s faces, I’m reminded about what a special time graduation is.  […] Read more…


Free Printable Simple DIY Birthday Cards

I feel like I’ve been missing a lot of birthdays lately.  I’m usually pretty good about buying a card, writing a quick note and getting it in the mail… that was until Little Bug reached toddler hood.  Now going shopping in the card store has become more an exercise of picking up cards – not […] Read more…


How to Choose the Best Herbs for Your Garden

  Now that the warmer spring weather is finally upon us, gardening season has also arrived.  Having recently moved, Mr. Mountaineer and I gained our first outdoor space.  It’s so glorious to not have our garden limited to a few containers on a small apartment balcony (although there was something quaint about that too).  Although […] Read more…