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We love cute packaging around here.  I can definitely say it’s on my list of favorite things.  So although we designed a new line of Halloween favor tags for the shop this season, I also wanted to create a DIY version of a Halloween favor topper in case you wanted to make something even more special.


These easy DIY Halloween favor clips will be adorning our Halloween goodies for the classroom teachers this year.  Using our free printable Halloween bottle cap circles, they are the perfect addition to the top of Halloween treats, party favor bags or other Halloween goodies. They are the perfect way to make your Halloween treats extra special this holiday.

You Will Need:

Free printable Halloween bottle cap circles

Epoxy circles

Bottle Caps (If you can only find ones made for necklaces, you can remove the ring off the top easily)

Black Clothespins

E-6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive


Glue Gun


1. Print out your free printable Halloween bottle cap circles.


Place a clear epoxy circle over each bottle cap image that you would like to use.

2.  Cut around the epoxy circle as carefully as possible.


3.  Put a dab of E-6000 industrial strength adhesive in the center of the bottle cap.


Press the epoxy circle onto the bottle cap.  Let dry.

4.  Using a glue gun, add some glue to the edge of the black clothespin.


Attach the bottle cap and let dry.


Use your Halloween favor clips to top treat packages, Halloween favor bags and other Halloween goodies this holiday.  You could also add a thin magnetic strip to the back of the clothespin to make into a seasonal clip magnet for your refrigerator.

Happy Celebrating,